The ‘Honey Oak’ Debate

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Lately I have had a number of clients who have the ‘honey oak’ cabinetry in their homes. This type of finish was all the rage in the 90’s but has not really come back on trend. The hesitation is always “BUT ITS REAL WOOD DON’T PAINT IT!!”. I get it, real wood is awesome but unfortunately the colours in which ‘real wood’ is trendy don’t have that honey glow. If you have a ‘square’ cabinetry door style I will ALWAYS suggest painting it, you literally will knock 15 years off your kitchen and whether it be a friend, real estate agent or family member you will get that ‘whoa’ reaction out of them. There are so many amazing paint companies out there, which have developed paint without needing a primer and/or sanding. They have made it easy for the DIY’er and any reputable experienced painter will get the job done for you in no time flat. Don’t get me wrong I love wood and I’m not the designer painting amazing wood trim out of an old century home but in the ‘honey oak’ case, get your paint brushes out!  If you are doing it for the real estate impact and getting the proper resale value out of your investment, white cabinetry creates a clean fresh look and will guarantee you an increase in value.  Unfortunately the use of word cabinetry limits other finishes.  What hardwood colour do you select? Why does everything look so yellow? These are the comments and questions you want to avoid.  Have I convinced you yet? I have worked with clients who are adamant on keeping their honey wood and believe it or not stock builder still offer it as one of their ‘standard’ selections but if you want to add value, modernize and get on trend, ditch the honey and join the cool side.

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