Pets are family! – “Incorporating your pets into your design”

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Our pets are our family so we have to ensure we are designing around them as well.  Approx. 5.9 million dogs exist in Canadian homes….that’s a lot of cute puppies.  I can’t tell you how many times my clients follow up their wish list with “But we have a dog”. Guess what? Dogs and any other four-legged pet does not mean you can’t have that ‘look’ you are striving for.  Flooring materials have come a long way in recent years, so using laminate, hardwood, heavy duty vinyl or tile are all still on the table when selecting materials.  Lighter materials are always the better bet, especially when you have a shedder but that’s a positive considering hickory, birch and ‘white’ woods are all on trend.  The ultimate space for renovating when pets are a big part of your families day to day is the mudroom.  Welcome to Pinterest….. dog baths, built in dog crates, built in dog food bowls and so much more is what most recently people are incorporating into their homes.  Your home can be just as glamorous with your furry friends and I encourage big time fun when designing with them in mind.

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