Lighting Tricks – “Go Big or Go Home”

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I have always thought, that lighting is what gets forgotten in a renovation or new build project.  It’s a ‘small’ thing on a grand scale of selections and battles with your loved one when building a new space or home (I say ‘battles’ because we all know they happen when life is busy, yet your making decisions on a place in which you have to live in).

Whether it’s an entry light, kitchen pendants or just simple bathroom lighting, it needs some attention!!! I’m not specifically saying it’s the BIGGEST decisions of your life but it needs some TLC.  Don’t be afraid to go big and bold, as long as it fits and doesn’t cause any head trauma.  A 6’ island can take two pendants anywhere between 18” to 20” in width, and a foyer light at least 4’ from the wall and 7’ from the floor (to the bottom of the fixture).

I know it can be daunting walking into a lighting store, looking up and wondering, “how the heck am I going to choose”.  Think about your space (I know you have browsed magazines) and I guarantee something will call out to you; that will be your starting point to your remaining selections.  Try to keep the finish ie. Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Iron consistent throughout the room.  I know this is a lot of quick information jam packed in a simple blog post but I think a few tricks will let you be more daring when walking into a lighting store and you will be super proud when your visitors compliment you on you’re awesome lighting!

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